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Our Products: At Chalkineurope, we take pride in curating a diverse selection of premium edible clays and chalks. From roasted clay to natural chalk and everything in between, we've got something for every clay chalk fan. Whether you're part of the community or just curious to try, our products will suit you.

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Gray Ural Clay - Chalkineurope
Gray Ural Clay
Sale price£9.00
Mavu (mud) Clay - Chalkineurope
Mavu (mud) Clay
Sale price£9.00
Jupiter Clay
Jupiter Clay
Sale price£9.00
Edible chalk bars - Chalkineurope
Creamy Chalk Bars
Sale price£9.00
Edible White Clay - Chalkineurope
White Clay
Sale price£9.00
White Mountain Chalk Bars - Chalkineurope
White Mountain Chalk Bars
Sale price£9.00
Natural Chalk Chunks - Chalkineurope
Natural Chalk Chunks
Sale price£9.00
Best seller
Edible chalk, sawn belgorod edible chalk
Sawn Belgorod Chalk Twin Pack
Sale price£17.00
Best seller
Edible Clay Starter Pack - Chalkineurope
Popular Mixed Starter Pack
Sale price£29.00
Belgorod Edible Chalk - Chalkineurope
Belgorod Chalk
Sale price£9.00
Pink Uzbek Clay - Chalkineurope
Pink Uzbek Clay
Sale price£9.00