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Who and how can have a piece of chalk

It is difficult to answer the question whether chalk is eaten unambiguously. Of course, it does not apply to food, but in some cases it can be useful. Consider all the arguments for and against taking it, find out when and how it can be done.

It is a white sedimentary rock formed from the fossilized remains of algae and animals that lived here thousands of years ago. It consists of calcium with inclusions of magnesium, metal oxides, and quartz grains.

Do they eat chalk
Chalk is most often eaten to increase the body's calcium content
A person needs calcium from birth, and chalk itself could serve as one of its sources. But various additives can be undesirable and even harmful to the diet. There are several types of this substance that are similar in appearance, but differ in chemical composition:

Building. It contains the necessary chemical additives for the production of works that are harmful to health.
Clerical. For strength, it added gypsum, and for color – pigments. It is not dangerous, but it is not intended for food.
Fodder. It is used for feeding animals, it is not suitable for people.
Nutritional. This product is as clean as possible from impurities and can be used in food.
Children's crayons. In their production, it is taken into account that the child pulls everything into his mouth and can take a bite, because the number of additives is minimized.
It should be borne in mind that the calcium contained in crayons is poorly absorbed by the body. Therefore, even if you choose a safe type for the body, you should think about the expediency of eating it.

What happens if there is chalk?

The desire to nibble on crayons does not arise for a reason. If the body lacks calcium, it looks for ways to solve this problem, causing the need to make up for this deficit in any way. This need may occur in pregnant women and young children and is eliminated by taking a complex of vitamins.

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Once in the stomach, calcium changes its properties. Under the action of gastric juice, it is oxidized and ceases to be chemically neutral. As a result, it irritates the mucous membrane, without having a therapeutic effect. Calcium does not accumulate in the body, because melodene becomes meaningless. It does not help from heartburn, but it causes constipation, metabolic disorders.

Excessive meloedenie can cause liming of blood vessels
The appearance of an irresistible desire to chew crayons can be a symptom of a dangerous disease. It is advisable to undergo an examination and make sure that it is not caused by iron deficiency anemia. In this case, you will need a course of treatment.

Pure, impurity-free chalk in small quantities is harmless, but also does not bring benefits. Better adjust your diet, eat more calcium-rich foods, buy calcium gluconate at the pharmacy.


Source: Russia